• Buy Side Support
    Buy Side Support we work with corporates, institutional investors and private equity firms to evaluate and package suitable target companies into profitable and value enhancing investments.
  • Sell Side Support
    Sell Side Support we work with entrepreneurs to review, value and package their businesses for capital injection from investors or reposition for growth.
  • Regional Focus
    Regional Focus Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia

Who We Are

Private Equity Support (P.E.S) is a consulting firm that supports the sellside and buy side parts of a transaction where private capital is involved.

We work with entrepreneurs, corporates, institutional investors and private equity firms to enable profitable and value enhancing investments in Sub-Saharan Africa.

What We Do

Private Equity Support

  • Pre-marketing in Fund Formation
  • Deal origination
  • Deal structuring
  • Due diligence
  • Capital raising
  • Exit planning

Transaction Support

  • Develop and articulate the mergers and acquisition strategy
  • Origination of target companies
  • Integration planning and execution
  • Divestiture and Separation support
  • Stakeholder engagement

Investor Relations

  • Investor profiling and targeting
  • Investor communication and reporting
  • Digital Investor Relations
  • Regulatory compliance

Portfolio Value Creation

  • Develop the post acquisition agenda
  • Implement strategic initiatives
  • Track operation and financial performance
  • Footprint optimization

Success is never owned, it is rented, and the rent is due everyday.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board represents leading professionals in their respective fields who have distinguished themselves in their careers.

They bring both industry depth and strategic knowledge of various sectors driven by global exposure and hands on local experience.

Meet the Board

Sample Clients

Project K

Working with shareholder to raise additional PE funding for listed entity (PIPE)

Seeking USD $50m PE investment

P.E.S role: Origination, put together consortium, structure and package the PIPE

Stage: Completion of the IM, early engagement with investors.

Project Tech

Globally accessible VOD (over 190 countries) entertainment streaming app

Venture Capital, Proof of concept done Seeking USD $3M First round financing (Equity, Debt)

P.E.S role: Origination, Packaging the investment opportunity, Fund raising, post investment support

Stage: Roadshow commenced

Project Retail

Mid Tier Mass Market chain of retail stores (seeking expansion capital)

Annual turnover: KES 1B, Seeking USD $15M growth capital support (Equity)

P.E.S role: Origination, Packaging investment opportunity, Sell side due diligence, fund raising

Stage: Due diligence with PE investors

Project Bluebird

Award winning financial services firm acquired by a strategic partner

P.E.S role: Post investment support - working with investors to implement approved business strategy & address outstanding DD areas.