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Investor Readiness and Early Stage Financing – 2020 AFDB Agripitch Competition

Arthur Stinchcombe espoused the theory of the ‘liability of newness’ to explain why companies experience high mortality rates in their earlier years.

Aspects such as the ability of early-stage businesses to establish legitimacy within respective sectors, the ability to attract skilled expertise, and access the correct type and amount of capital are some of the immediate manifestations of this.

Investor Readiness, which we at Private Equity Support (PES) define as helping companies map their growth paths and understand the resources required to support this growth, might be part of the solution.

Our deep dive and practical approach, delivered from an objective viewpoint of an investor, assists the entrepreneurs critically review and understand their businesses.

The knowledge is provided through masterclass sessions, case studies and engagement with experienced entrepreneurs. This information is then distilled into practical and customized one on one engagement with the companies, where executable strategies are then developed.

Having worked with over 100 SMEs, from over 15 African countries, all led by local entrepreneurs and raising over USD 5M, this approach continues to bear fruit.

This year’s AFDB Agripitch Virtual Pitch and Investor Readiness Bootcamp saw 25 agripreneurs from 12 African countries undertake a two-week intensive programme. The programme, which was delivered virtually in both French and English, also emphasized understanding the investor engagement approach to increase the chances of the businesses accessing finance.

We wish to recognize the efforts of the PES team and coaches, who worked tirelessly with the businesses, to assist improve the bankability of their projects. Our appreciation to the investor and entrepreneur facilitators who gave of their time and expertise in facilitating some of the sessions.

Congratulations to all 25 agripreneurs who now proceed to the one on one engagements with the investors in the deal room phase.

Congratulations to the winners! Well done.

Diana Gichaga

Managing Partner

Private Equity Support

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