The Bootstrap Blues: Why Time, Not Money, is the True Founder’s Friend


Running a business can be a bit daunting! We’ve all been there. Bootstrapping our businesses, wearing a dozen hats, and running on fumes (both literal and metaphorical). We convince ourselves multitasking is efficient, that doing everything ourselves saves money, and that sleep is for the…well, not founders, apparently. But before you burn out decorating your office while writing marketing copy and coding the next feature update, let’s talk about a different currency: time.

Growth Mindset: Unlocking Time’s True Potential

We need a growth mindset. This isn’t some fluffy self-help buzzword. It’s a paradigm shift that views skills and resources, especially time, as expandable entities. Instead of clinging to the limited resources we have now, a growth mindset encourages us to believe we can acquire, leverage, and multiply them over time. This opens doors to a critical truth: investing in the right people is not an expense, it’s an investment in your time.

Why Time is King (or Queen)

Think about it. You, the founder, are the visionary, the strategist, the big-picture thinker. Yet, you’re drowning in the minutiae, trading away precious time on tasks that could be done by someone else, freeing you to focus on what truly matters: growing your business. That new marketing campaign won’t write itself, nor will that strategic partnership materialize while you’re balancing the books.

Leveraging Time: Working on the Business, Not in It

Imagine the possibilities if you had a talented team handling day-to-day operations. You could dedicate your time to strategizing, innovating, and building partnerships. You could finally work on the business, not just in it. This allows you to see the bigger picture, anticipate trends, and steer your ship towards the vast ocean of success, instead of being perpetually stuck bailing water in a leaky dinghy.

Investing in Your Team: A Multiplier Effect

Hiring the right people might seem like a cost, but consider it an investment. Think of your team as amplifiers of your time and energy. They free you to focus on high-impact activities, while their combined expertise surpasses your solo efforts. It’s a beautiful multiplier effect: you invest in a talented team, they free up your time, and you use that time to generate greater returns for everyone, including yourself.

The Final Word: It’s Time to Let Go

I know letting go of control is tough. But remember, you’re not Superman/Superwoman. The sooner you embrace a growth mindset and invest in your time, the sooner you’ll unlock the true potential of your business and yourself. So, delegate, hire smart, and trust your team. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you stop doing everything and start focusing on the things that truly matter. Now go forth, conquer, and remember, your time is precious, invest it wisely!

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