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Investor Readiness – Project Fresh

Overview: Project Fresh is a women-owned agri-business enterprise  addressing the market challenges by aggregating fresh produce (Vegetables  and fruits) from smallholder farmers mainly located in rural areas of the  country and supplies the products to supermarkets, groceries and other  retailers in urban areas, specifically Nairobi. Project Fresh engaged PES to  assist in getting ready for investment and offer capital raising support. Under  the engagement, PES was to assist the management in the review of the  strategic plan in line with funding requirements and financial projections.


PES assisted the management in the review of the financial model developed  in line with the business growth plan.

Result:  Inclusion of scenario analysis on business projections to cater for  any changes in the operating environment

Result: Review of strategic milestones and capacity needs of the business,  key skills required in implementation as well as areas of optimization in  channels for the business

Result: Review of partnership agreements between Project Fresh and  retailers to ensure alignment of the retailer’s requirements with the business  growth plan.

Result: The structure and successful fund raise of a private debt facility for  the business