Pre-marketing in Fund Formation

We assist first time (second time) fund managers crystallise their fund thesis, fund strategy, track record, geographical area of focus, sector of focus and USP.

Deal origination

Actively identifying and tracking companies that have the potential to scale up with the right funding. We work across the board- VC, SME and Large corporates. We focus on proper PE and PERE.

Deal structuring

Putting together the optimal capital structure for either our own deals or as part of the mandate given to us by client.

Due diligence

This is mostly sell side DD (assisting the entrepreneur prepare for a capital raise) or buy side DD (mandates from PE firms).

Capital raising

This is either full equity or a mix of equity/debt. This can be for investment opportunities or funds.

Exit planning

Essentially sell side due diligence through prepping an entrepreneur to prepare for the exit of a PE fund or to assist a PE fund exit from its investment.