Aspects Covered

Business model review

PES will work with business owners and management to carry out an in-depth diagnostics of the business model and operations of the firm. The review will seek to analyse the impact of COVID on operations and financials. It will also review opportunities, the current and future execution capacity needs, suitable capital instruments and mitigation of risks.

Expected Outcome

A revised business model supported by financial forecasts, business continuity plan and funding strategy.

Financial Management Support

Financial management support reviews the key financial documents (management accounts, financial projections and audited accounts), corporate budgets, finance policies and tax compliance. This analysis helps break down the current and projected financial performance of the business. It also includes supporting in house finance teams in developing these documents.  in view of the operating environment. It will assess how well owners and management can develop and revise forecasts, including scenario planning for aspects such as the COVID 19 pandemic.

Expected Outcome

Accurate financial statements, corporate budgets and financial model (including scenario analysis)

Investor Readiness Prep

For businesses that are seeking to engage investors, PES will work with the management to define the funding requirements, proposed capital instruments and what this means for the business. Investor readiness prep includes developing the key documents involved in the investor engagement phase.  

Expected Outcome

An understanding of the investor engagement process and supporting documentation